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Word Of God Fellowship Church

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Our main desire is to serve the community and to reach out to people in need. As a congregation, we make sure to try our level best to lead an exemplary Christian life. The service that is done on earth will be rewarded with a place in heaven along the Christ and the Almighty.

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Highest quality of life in people of all racial, ethnic, & socioeconomic origins.

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A small prayer group is  capable of creating an impact in the minds of the people.

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Our Belief

We believe that our creator and protector God is the ultimate authority for everything. Whatever happens, there is nothing in the world that can change our faith in God.

Our Values

We alive by certain Christian values which are to be exemplary and to spread the word of God to as many people as possible.


We conduct various events and indulge in various charities. If you want to participate patriciate as a volunteer and lend a helping hand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have and lead a sin-free life that would please god and set an example and pathway for the rest of the people to follow.

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Christianity – Some Significant Details

Christianity is something that cannot be limited or even described as a religion. It is a way of life that has to be led by following the teaching and the preaching of our savior Christ. Christianity is one of the very few religious practices in which different disciplines are followed to worship one God.

When it comes to Christianity, what the predominant population see is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more than what meets the eye. The crust of it is absolutely nothing when compared to the core of it. Let us take a deep dive to see what it is all about.

The Trinity

The Trinity

The belief in the Trinity is the base of the Christian life. The Trinity refers to Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Father is the Almighty who created heaven, earth and everything in it. Son refers to the Jesus Christ who sacrificed his own life for the sins that we did and the Holy Spirit is the one that is within us, which guides us in the path of light. It is the Holy Spirit that will reach the feet of God after our life on earth.

The Denominations

As mentioned earlier Christians all over the world follow different disciplines to worship one God. Even though the major classification is just two, which are Catholics and Protestants, there are more than 33000 denominations. This is something that would make anyone’s eyebrows raise. Among this, the Catholics are about 1.28 billion, and protestants are about 920 million.

The Bible

For non-believers, it is yet another book with a black cover. For believers, it is the word of God, that works in many miraculous ways. It is more like a guide to lead a proper Christian life. The Bible is divided into two major parts, they are the old testament and the new testament. The Old Testament deals with the creation of the world, the prophecy of the birth of Christ and a lot of other things with 39 books. The New Testament deals with the birth of Christ and his life in this world with 27 books. It is said that that bible that we have today has gone through a lot of changes. Off all the books in the world bible is the one that has been translated into many languages.

The Bible

The spread of the religion

The bitter truth and the undeniable fact that we all need to accept is that war was the main reason for the spread of Christianity. When it comes to waging wars, the eastern and western countries were so dominant at a point of time. When they were colonizing a particular region, their aim and agenda was not just to have the authority over the people. They made sure that Christianity was also spread in that region. This is the paramount reason for Christianity reaching all the corners in the world.

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