What Types of Poker Are There?

So, when we talk about poker, usually one type or another comes to mind. Five card draw is quite popular, as is Texas Hold’em dewapoker online. But did you know that there are dozens of different types of poker games? They can be split up into a few different categories, each of which we’re going to take a closer look at here in this article.

“Community Card Poker. There games are where the player has a hand that no one else can see. Then, there is a “shared” group of cards in the middle of the table that are part of everyone’s hand. The person’s hand is then created by a combination of cards on the table and the cards in their hand. Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of community card poker game. “

Draw Poker. Draw poker is, often, the type of poker many of us learn first. A person will get a full hand (usually 5 or 7 cards, but there are other variants out there as well), and then they have the option to get rid of as many of those cards as the rules allow in order to make a better hand; or they don’t have to get rid of any at all. Then, those cards are replaced and everyone reveals their hand. Best hand, according to the ruleset, wins.

The rules on these will vary, based on what you want to do. Some people will play lowball, where the lowest hand wins the pot; or even do a split of the pot between the lowest and highest hands. You can include wild cards, there are variants that allow you to pass cards around the table, and there even variants that allow you to choose what stud cards are flipped up and what ones stay down.