Questions & Answers

Will there be showers this year?
We know this is an important question! While we have recieved approval to begin building new shower facilities, it is uncertain if they will be finished in time for this year's festival. If that is the case, alternative arangements will be made to meet this need.

Will there be improvements to the viewing area this year?
Yes! At the festival this year we are featuring a brand new main stage arrangement. Ichthus 2000 will offer a revised stage in response to the viewing issues from last year's festival. This year's elevated stage brings a clearer view and happier hearts. Thank you for your patience and kindness as we continue to grow into our new home! TOP

Do I have to pick up my wristlocks before camping?
No! Your group should set up your campsite FIRST. Wristlocks are only needed to enter the concert/teaching area. TOP

Where will I park my vehicle?
Vehicles may be parked at your campsite. However, for safety reasons, once a vehicle is moved from the camping area, you will not be permitted to drive back to your campsite. Cars that leave the campsites will be required to park in an overflow lot. TOP

How do I get into Wilmore if I need supplies?
Ichthus will provide a limited shuttle service to and from Wilmore during Friday and Saturday of the festival. You must be at least 18 years old and a festival registrant to ride. All those under age 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Ichthus Ministries, Inc. assumes no liability for any injuries while shuttling. NOTE: Absolutely no foot traffic(pedestrians) will be permitted to leave festival property. TOP

What do I need to bring with me?
Everyone registering (youth and adults) must have a signed medical release form. It is the responsibility of the group leader(s) or individual to keep them readily available. Bring your tickets and your vehicle camping assignment card(these will be mailed to you prior to the festival). No wristlocks will be distributed unless you have your ticket. NO TICKETS = NO WRISTLOCKS = NO ENTRANCE TO FESTIVAL.

IF CAMPING, you will want to bring: vehicle camping tag, clothes, toilet paper, flashlight, rain gear, toiletries, towels, sleeping bag/pillow, camping supplies, etc. TOP

How are campsites assigned?
Each group will receive a "field" camping assignment prior to the festival. When your group arrives, you will be directed to a specific site in your designated field. TOP

What if my group is coming in more than one vehicle/time?
Your group will be given a vehicle camping tag designating your particular field location (one per five registrants). Camping personnel will track site locations of groups. Please make sure you attach your vehicle camping tag! Please note that the saving of camping space is not permitted. TOP

What are the rules at Ichthus?
For the safety enjoyment of all participants, we ask that the Code of Conduct and Covenant Statement be shared will everyone coming to the Ichthus Festival. This way, everyone will know what the responsibilities and consequences are. TOP

How early can we get there?
Please DO NOT come to the grounds to set up your campsite any earlier than 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 27, 2000. Wristlocks may be picked up at the Registration Center near the main entrance of the festival.(A map will be mailed to you with your tickets.) TOP